Impacts & Adaptation

Climate Change: what does the science really tell us? – A narrated Extension PowerPoint on climate science and climate change. The presentation was prepared by Craig Cogger at WSU Puyallup and covers the basics of climate science, evidence of climate change, projections of future climate change, and mitigation strategies. The presentation consists of 10 parts, each about five minutes long, so that it can be viewed in short sittings.

Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Eastern Washington Agriculture This is a peer-reviewed analysis of climate change impacts on multiple crops, including dryland wheat, potatoes and apples in the Pacific Northwest authored by crop and climate scientists. You can expect to see an updated version of this analysis based on the latest climate model projections in the near future.

Agriculture: Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation Chapter 6 in the 2013 publication Climate Change in the Northwest outlines the wide range of projected climate change effects on agriculture in the Northwest US. This is an accessible yet relatively in-depth discussion of the state of current scientific knowledge.