Early preparation for water transfers could reduce drought impacts for agriculture and fish

By Georgine Yorgey Reprinted from: WSU CSANR Perspectives on Sustainability As this hot, dry summer winds down across Washington State, many areas are continuing to struggle with the impacts of drought. (Those who would like a recap of August weather and drought conditions can see the WSU Drought Report.) Unfortunately, while the weather has become […]

Victim, Contributor, Solver

By David Schmidt Reprinted from: Animal Ag I was at a Climate Convening yesterday in a small city in Southern Minnesota (Owatonna). I was invited to facilitate a small group discussion on agriculture and climate change. I was talking with one of the conference organizers before the meeting about agriculture and climate change and she […]

Scenario Planning Series, Part 5: What’s in Store for PNW Farms of the Future?

By Liz Allen Throughout this blog series I’ve discussed various aspects of scenario planning, from the general philosophy (part 1) to adapting global scenarios to study the impacts of climate change and development on water resources in the Pacific Northwest (Part 4). In this 5th and final installment, we’ll turn to scenarios created specifically to […]

Climate Impacts Modeling 101: Interpreting What Models Say About the Future of Our Region Under Climate Change

By Liz Allen Reprinted from: WSU CSANR Perspectives on Sustainability As a PhD student with CSANR interested in improving communication about climate and agriculture between the academic and decision-making spheres, I’ve had a lot of conversations about climate models with agricultural producers, industry representatives, policy makers and regulatory officials (as well as with modelers themselves!). […]