Climate Change

Early preparation for water transfers could reduce drought impacts for agriculture and fish

By Georgine Yorgey Reprinted from: WSU CSANR Perspectives on Sustainability As this hot, dry summer winds down across Washington State, many areas are continuing to struggle with the impacts of drought. (Those who would like a recap of August weather and drought conditions can see the WSU Drought Report.) Unfortunately, while the weather has become […]

Victim, Contributor, Solver

By David Schmidt Reprinted from: Animal Ag I was at a Climate Convening yesterday in a small city in Southern Minnesota (Owatonna). I was invited to facilitate a small group discussion on agriculture and climate change. I was talking with one of the conference organizers before the meeting about agriculture and climate change and she […]

Climate Impacts Modeling 101: Interpreting What Models Say About the Future of Our Region Under Climate Change

By Liz Allen Reprinted from: WSU CSANR Perspectives on Sustainability As a PhD student with CSANR interested in improving communication about climate and agriculture between the academic and decision-making spheres, I’ve had a lot of conversations about climate models with agricultural producers, industry representatives, policy makers and regulatory officials (as well as with modelers themselves!). […]